Stevie Planeteer is an ordinary man with a lifelong commitment to helping improve the quality of his community and others people’s lives. Volunteering and leadership positions with organizations that are actively making a difference in ecology and environment of the "localplanet," everybody has their localplanet that needs nurturing, respect and tender loving care. "Teaching responsible environmental attitudes and behaviors to children will make significant and lasting improvements to the quality of life."

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Waste, Recycling, and Disposal

From the beginning, people have tossed their unwanted waste products off to the side, out of way, buried or incinerated. Today much of our garbage is dumped into landfills. Only recently have we sounded the alarm warning that dumping capacity isn’t unlimited and we are wasting too much good land for this use.  

Daguerreotype Photography;1839 to 1860

Will our digital photographs be viewable to our descendants 160 years from now? One of the earliest photographic technique was the daguerreotype process. Today, 160 years later, we enjoy and marvel at their image quality and enduring beauty.

“Fire and Ice for a Local Planet;” a template photo journal

Fire and Ice for a Local Planet by Steve Greenberg | Preview or Purchase this Book Online