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IL; Lake County

Home to this writer, Lake County is located at the northeastern corner of the state of Illinois and featuring a Lake Michigan shoreline as the county’s eastern border. The shoreline continues south along the north shore in Cook County with Chicago at the county’s center. The Park District of Highland Park is a model organization running an extended range of programs from soccer, travel baseball, ice figure skating, hockey leagues, nature studies and many other activities for youth through adult.

At the county level, the Lake County Forest Preserves are a model of environmental leadership through ecological restoration and education. Because storm-water is drained through storm sewers which are actually engineered tributaries leading to an iron grates along streets and sidewalks in our neighborhoods; working totally below the radar with streams and rivers isĀ  Lake County Stormwater, responsible for drainage laws, watershed management, protecting lives and property, following best methods.

Understanding the water cycle will encourage communities to adopt better storm-water management and waste water treatment plans. The similar consideration is capacity and cross contamination, otherwise, there is little similarity except that water is the principal conveyant of materials in large diameter pipes. In Lake County, sanitary sewerage is managed by Solid Waste Agency of Lake County.

Liberty Prairie Conservancy

Lake Forest Openlands

Ryerson Woods

Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Career Resource Center

The Art Center has become the center of fine arts in Highland Park with East On Central, a local poetry, art and literature journal.

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