Support Report

Support Report

Recycling revenues into projects, mirco loans and organizations.

Reaching out beyond the familier, and funding worthy individuals, groups and causes through crowd sourcing multiplies ones creative giving opportunities.

Committed to support and giving, received funding through ebay auctions of donated items, paypal donations, advertising, sales of our books and other products to be offered on

Localplanet has funded 4 micro loans through

Muhayo Sodikov, J.Rumy, Tajikistan, Manufacturing / Manufacturing

Kodjo, Akodessewa, Togo, Retail / Spare Parts

Tureme 2 Group, Bujumbura, Burundi Retail / Retail

Villa Primaveral Group, San Ignacio, Paraguay, Food / Food Production

and 3 projects through

“Homeland,” a Wet-Plate Collodion Photo Essay

Phonebook 3: directory of independent art projects & spaces

This is not a Kickstarter shirt


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